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Security Alarm Systems in Clearwater, Fla., Must Now Be Registered With Police

Amendments to the city’s security alarm system ordinance reflect the adoption of a new digital accounting system, along with modification to a fee payment schedule. March 19, 2018  SSI Staff  Jump to Comments The Clearwater Police Department hired a web developer … Continue reading

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Trump Authorizes PASS Act, Exempts Security Systems From DoE Energy Restrictions

President Trump signed the Power and Security Systems (PASS) Act that exempts security systems from having to abide by DoE’s no-load energy restrictions. November 15, 2017  Jason Knott  Jump to Comments President Donald Trump (pictured signing previous legislation) has signed into … Continue reading

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Hacked! Why Home Security Camera Installs Should Be Left to Pros

When selling video surveillance systems to would-be DIYs, remind customers about all the cybersecurity hacks out there, especially through IP cameras. November 16, 2017  Julie Jacobson  Jump to Comments Remote networking, monitoring and management tools like SnapAV’s Luma + OvrC can … Continue reading

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Annual Revenue for Residential Monitored Security to Exceed $14B by 2020

New research by Parks Associates also shows that 20% of U.S. broadband households plan to purchase a network camera in the next 12 months. October 11, 2017  SSI Staff  Jump to Comments   DALLAS — New research by Parks Associates reveals that more than 26 … Continue reading

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Robot Security Guard Drowns in Office Water Fountain

The Knightscope security robot has issued a statement after falling into a water fountain at an office and retail complex in Washington D.C. July 18, 2017  Steve Karantzoulidis  Jump to Comments Photo Credit: Greg Pinelo‏ WASHINGTON, D.C. — A  K5 security robot … Continue reading

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7 Benefits of Having an Integrated Security System

From boosting productivity, to conflict resolution, integrating a security system can benefit businesses in many way By Ahmad Hamidi · June 5, 2017 An integrated security system takes multi-layered security systems and integrates them into one solution. Each day business owners and executives … Continue reading

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At CES 2017, announced plans to develop autonomous, video-enabled drone applications to extend the capabilities of smart home and business security systems.’s multi-sensor awareness and property intelligence, together with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight drone platform, will deploy drones … Continue reading

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SimpliSafe DIY Security System Investigation Yields Disturbing Results

DIY home security systems provider SimpliSafe has quickly amassed a large customer base. However, an independent forensic analysis shoots holes in the company’s model, claims and technology. SimpliSafe — a DIY wireless alarm system that is shipped directly to consumers … Continue reading

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AlarmForce Admits to Wrongfully Charging Monitoring Fees After Subscription Cancellations

AlarmForce said its policy review resulted from due diligence undertaken during a potential sale process. By Rodney Bosch · August 24, 2016 TORONTO — Following a review of its residential subscription cancellation practice,AlarmForce Industries (TSX: AF) announced it wrongfully continued charging monitoring fees in some … Continue reading

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Smart Electrical Socket Could Be Exploited to Hack Email

A vulnerability in a popular brand of smart electrical sockets has been found that could allow hackers to spread malicious software to connected devices. Researchers have discovered that attackers could take advantage of a feature that allows the undisclosed smart … Continue reading

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