MY-ALARM offers Custom Designed Wireless Alarm Systems,
Wireless Video Systems and GPS Tracking Systems.

  •  Cellular based, no phone lines needed.
  •  No term contracts.
  •  Completely wireless commercial grade UL equipment.
  •  Complete Interactive Control & View from any computer.
  •  iPhone, Blackberry, Android & other Apps Included.
  •  Instant text, MMS & email notifications on any activity.
  •  Lifetime Warranty and Technical support.

Video Packages

Always be there with commercial quality video from My-Alarm's My-See video systems.

  • Amazingly easy installation, be up and watching in minutes
  • No need for on-site computer
  • Patented auto-detect and enrollment of all cameras- true plug-in-play
  • One-button auto-secure function on Wireless Access Point (WAP) secures your network
  • Highest resolution remote video on the market! 25 frames per second @ VGA res. (640x480)
  • Enjoy live video viewing from anywhere
  • Receive motion alerts via email, text & MMS
  • 10 second post and pre event offsite recording in the "Cloud"
  • Works with any web enabled computer or smart phone
  • Free apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry
  • My-See Video's proprietary technology allows video through even the toughest firewalls
  • All the most advanced features, such as scalable storage space; pixel-based motion detection
  • Pan and Tilt allows you to remotely look all around the room, not just one spot

Package Diagram

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