Robot Security Guard Drowns in Office Water Fountain

The Knightscope security robot has issued a statement after falling into a water fountain at an office and retail complex in Washington D.C.

Robot Security Guard Drowns in Office Water FountainPhoto Credit: Greg Pinelo‏

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A  K5 security robot by Knightscope was discovered face-down in the Washington Harbour office and retail complex water fountain yesterday afternoon.

The robot was on its daily rounds when it decided to roll down the stairs and into the fountain. It had only been patrolling for a few days according to a local office worker.

The robot, which is 5-feet tall and weighs 300 pounds, is designed to avoid confrontations. It uses sensors and analytics to detect unusual activity and report it back to humans to investigate.

Knightscope issued a statement saying the incident is under investigation, and described it as an “isolated incident.”

A new robot will be delivered to Washington Harbour this week for free.

Knightscope’s security robot made headlines this past April when a drunk man got into an altercation with one at the company’s HQ.

The man was charged with prowling and public intoxication, claiming to be an engineer who was “testing” the robot.

Of course a drowning robot has sent the internet into a frenzy. Fortunately, Knightscope has a good sense of humor about the situation, tweeting the following explanation from the security robot:knightscope security robot

Those who are worried about robots taking over the world should rest easy tonight — they can’t even swim yet.

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