MY-ALARM offers Custom Designed Wireless Alarm & Video Systems,
Choose Professional Installation or Professionially Designed DIY

  •  Cellular based, no internet or phone lines needed.
  •  Commerical UL Equipment.
  •  No term contracts.
  •  Interactive Control from Free Mobile Apps
  •  Unlimited Notifications for All System Activity
  •  Lifetime Support & Advice from REAL Security Professionals
  •  National Dealer Base
  • AI "APPLIED INTELLIGENCE"® Nothing Artificial

"This system is so advanced, even has voice control"

Thank you for your interest in My-Alarm.

My-Alarm has adopted the "Dealer Network” philosophy to expand our customer base throughout all of our available service areas.

My-Alarm has developed a unique and extremely well balanced delivery method for product and services sales. We are dependent on the success of our Dealer base so therefore we have created for them an excellent venue for sales and support.

All of our products are designed to create a sustainable, recurring revenue base for our Dealers. Every sale builds towards your personnel & professional future. Our ongoing support and continued industry awareness allows you to concentrate on your business while we concentrate on your back-office needs and future technologies.

As in any technological, leading edge industry we do require a brief application and non-disclosure form. Please complete the following form. NO sensitive personal information is required and your information will be kept private. Once submitted we can move forward and explain our unique and exciting business model at length. Upon completion of our brief application a representative will be in touch.

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